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Dr Gérard DIEUZAIDE Hyper Sensibilité Électromagnétique - Soins Conseils et Formations

Plenary conference “diseases of the waves”

Synopsis of the conference

Confrérence of Dr. Dieuzaide conference academy of natural health Aix BathsFibromyalgia, chronic tiredness, multiple headaches, cervicalgies, pains, problems of concentration, giddinesses, sleep disorders, feelings of oppression, disorders of heart rate, tinnituses, disorders neurodegenerative, chemotherapy sensitivity, depressions, diseases orphan… These diseases, increasingly frequent, waste the life of hundreds of thousands of our fellow-citizens.
Since about forty years wi-fi, mobile phones, shelves, video games, etc… make party of our daily newspaper, and more particularly of that of our children. Our modern societies rest on a technological base transmitting electromagnetic waves, waves invisible, increasingly complex and increasingly present. This very recent phenomenon does not offer any retreat on the incurred risks.

More than 3000 scientific publications highlight the effect of the electromagnetic waves on the human being and the animal world. It is not any more any doubt today that the electromagnetic “smog” of which we are wrapped, has heavy responsibility in a large number of these disorders for health.One cannot sweep of a reverse of hand these hundreds of thousands of people who see their life wasted or even ransacked by an electromagnetic environment charged. The operation of any living organism is electric and magnetic and necessarily interacts with its environment. This electromagnetic dimension of the man, a reality still neglected by modern medicine, starts to be essential today like a change of medical paradigm: The wave orders with the particle, and consequently with chemistry.

In this conference Doctor Gérard Dieuzaide identifies, in way very documented, the various sources of electromagnetic disturbances, their consequences on our health, and more specifically on that of these beings in full growth than are our children. But the environmental electromagnetic waves are not alone in question. He will explain us why the photonic effect or effect D “antenna of the matters which we carry on us or in us, (dental prostheses, reconstitutions, clothing, glasses, etc) comes to potentiate, sometimes in a tragic way, L” effect of the environmental waves: when you cut the antenna of your transistor, you do not hear any more the music.

  • Extracts of films will come to colour this presentation.

  • Finally concrete solutions to protect itself effectively will be suggested.

conference of Dr. Dieuzaide posturology disease of the wavesDoctor Gérard Dieuzaide is dental surgeon, university degree of posturology, honorary president founder of the “interdisciplinary company of posturology Midi-Pyrenees” and chair of “the European institute of posturology”.

Author of the books “Release from these parasitic matters” to the Trédaniel Editions, like “the diseases of the waves, how to preserve some” with the Dangles Editions. It took part with sacrificed professor Luc Montagnier in the documentary film feature film “waves”, of the director Jean Yves Bilien