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Fibromyalgia or electromyalgia

Extracted the book of Dr. Dieuzaide “the disease of the waves, how to preserve of it” chapter 8 concerning the fibromyalgia

“The current system does not give us any chance. One must fight to make acknowledge our rights. The care is not adapted yet to this underhand disease. Many doctors are not very informed to treat us suitably. The alternative care is difficult for us access by the financial costs. Several among us do not work any more or are on the social security. To defend our rights, the 122 Diseases of the waves we must pass by legal aid, therefore by lawyers who are less skilful with the rules either of the SAAQ, or of the insurances, or victims of work. Moreover, our cognitive state, tires, concentration, reflection, judgement are faded. How to be constant in our approachs? Days ago when to hold a cup of coffee becomes difficult. Each movement is source of pains and tiredness. Why say all that? To inform, to make conceal these taboos which are stuck to us to our condition, to be more visible, so that one speaks about us in a realistic way and to say what we feel. Even members of our family have doubts about us. ” Réjean Desrosiers

This text if moving, collected among others on Internet, is enough to render comprehensible to us the human dramas, the wasted lives which hide behind this word “fibromyalgia”. The fibromyalgia corresponds to a syndrome, dominated by a symptom, which is that of the muscular pains. This terrible disease, baptized according to the reference frame of the conventional doctor “diffuse syndrome polyalgic idiopathic”, remains therapeutic satisfactory unresolved. The fibromyalgia touches in France three million people. Assigning women mainly, one classified it like a consequence of female hysterias. In the years 1970 and 1980, one regarded it as a psychiatric disease, with depressive slope. That came owing to the fact that the pains resisted to the muscular antidouleurs of the time. Last research would come to show its neurological aspect due to deficiencies of neuro-transmitters like the dopamine, serotonin and noradrenalin. Important deficiencies in vitamin D, often, were also established.

The diagnosis of the fibromyalgia is based on 18 painful points, even if the patient can suffer in other places from the body. During his examination by the doctor, the patient must feel a sharp pain on at least 11 of these duly identified points so that the fibromyalgia can be confirmed. If there is not that 10 painful points… it is not a fibromyalgia.

Did you say… idiopathic?

When doctors do not understand the origin of a disease and do not have solutions, they pronounce the word “idiopathic”, which means “without known causes”. Here is at least a consent of ignorance! It is indeed always difficult to acknowledge its impotence vis-a-vis disease. And easier to say “it is the fault of the other”, i.e. in this case that of the patient. One will say “it then is psychosomatic”, “that comes from your head”.

I think that psychism has good back in a large number of disorders badly labelled and considered as psychosomatic or existential. I was always frightened to see how some therapeutists, when they do not understand the reasons of a discomfort, put in the head of their patient who they are mental health disorders. The emotional one can play a part in this kind of pathology. But I do not consider that the emotional one is the major cause of the fibromyalgia. It is not the cornerstone of this disease as one too often tends to let it think. Our antiquated brain stores the shocks, disappointments and other stresses which we undergo throughout our existence and that are not without consequences. I show my patients regularly how the simple fact “of thinking” of a perturbing event as an emotional treason involves the appearance of sometimes spectacular tensions. But these tensions yield as soon as one thinks of another thing!
What is obvious on the other hand, is that the physical hell which the people reached of this disease live involves important psychic problems. When one has, that one cannot sleep any more, nor to only get dressed badly everywhere or to climb, how could it be different? The anguish, the fear and concern induced by these felt can then maintain or potentiate the already existing tensions due to the electrosensibility.

Le dr Dieuzaide fait un test postural pour une fibromyalgieI am born every, with my cabinet, of the patients victims of these insidious beliefs. When I ask them what leads them to come to consult me, they answer me: “I am fibromyalgic”. What impresses me more, each time, it is this fatalistic tone, as if they accepted that their life is ruined. One harped to them that it was psychosomatic, that their head did not go well, that they were thus responsible for what arrived to them. Almost all received, to one moment or another, specialized the anti-inflammatory drugs treatments or, of the tranquillizers, the antidepressants, and were given to the care of a psychiatrist. And as that remains without convincing result, their doctor ended up their saying: “There is nothing to make. ” After years of wandering, it is them whom I see arriving in front of me and presenting myself to my consultation. To rather privilege the test by the posture than by the pain. The pain is not an objective symptom, it is a plural phenomenon. Nobody seems to have imagined that painful demonstrations can be different for the same disease. An angina, a headache, a sinusitis are not more or less painful!

Other diseases, they, can present identical symptoms. If you have the influenza, you will have aches, sometimes invalidating. But that has nothing to do with a fibromyalgia. The disease of Lyme, the syndrome of Gougerot-Sjögren can also give similar symptoms.

It is also the case of certain drugs, the hypothyroidism, or the hyperparathyroïdie, and other causes still… The fibromyalgia is thus a “disease” which one can regard as multifactorielle. Difficult under these conditions of seeing there clearly. Let us look at then with the eyes differently.

I see every day in my cabinet some patients presenting this kind of symptoms. One can notice that these symptoms curiously appear similar to those associated with the electrosensibility, in particular with this form of electrosensibility induced by the electromagnetic incompatibility with certain matters. The postural assessments which I practise – and that I also carry out with people reached by the fibromyalgia – reveal other striking similarities: the patients fibromyalgic always have disorders of the muscular tone with, very frequently, of the limitations of the amplitude of the articular movements. These blockings sign a hypertonicity and an increase in the muscular spasticity, which means increase with resistance to the stretching of the muscle.

That is, in my opinion, again the proof of an electromagnetic interference. A which had interference, most of the time, with the effect of factors of susceptibility to the environmental electromagnetic fields. With this interference, the hypertonic domino effect engages, source of a vicious circle. Muscles, of diminish chronic, go to solicit permanently tendons, which themselves will request in a way abnormal and permanent the ligaments, which themselves will request the cartilages abnormally, etc Thus one finds oneself with chronic tendinitises and permanent joint pains. Symptoms about which will complain the fibromyalgiques ones. These muscles in parallel will be gorged with lactic acid and toxins, and to give muscular pains, permanent aches, etc the émonctoires in charge of the elimination of these toxins will be with the sorrow and often the liver and the kidneys will be in suffering. Here how one arrives at a clinical picture of what one calls the fibromyalgia! As soon as the responsible matters are withdrawn, one attends in all the cases an immediate relaxation of the whole of the muscular tensions. This relaxation is objectivable by the postural tests and the patient feels an important greater comfort immediately.

Substance P, serotonin and electromagnetism : The substance P is, just like serotonin, an important neuro-transmitter which transmits signals and information through the junction (synapse) which separates a nervous cell from another. Serotonin, is implicated in multiple functions of regulation, like that of the mood and the cycles of the sleep. The substance P functions with serotonin and affects the perception of pain. These two substances work in collaboration. The substance P is in charge of the transmission of the painful impulses to the brain and the spinal-cord and produces a nerve impulse which dilates the blood-vessels. These two substances are key factors in the comprehension of the fibromyalgia. At the people suffering from fibromyalgia, of the levels important of substance P, sometimes three times higher, could explain that the perception of the pain either so intense. In the same way, the low serotonin rate and the symptoms of the fibromyalgia are strongly associated!

The women who naturally tend to produce serotonin with difficulty are touched by this disease than the men.

Principal symptoms associated with the fibromyalgia

  • pains muscular, osseous, of the articulations, the tendons

  • physical tiredness

  • psychic tiredness, psychological feeling of vacuum, vague glance

  • general irritability (with the touch, the requests, the noise, the light, the presence of others, unusual odors, the odor of food, etc) and impatience

  • rather severe disorders of the memory (short or long run)

  • disorders of the digestive system (diarrhoeas, distensions)

  • insomnia, great difficulty of sleeping

  • very great difficulty of concentrating, especially for reading, to concentrate on what an interlocutor says

  • shakings, feelings of weakness

  •  feeling to have the rusted, rigid, aching body

In fact electric impulses, while moving in the nervous cell, will cause the release or not these neuro-transmitters, which in their turn will activate and manage the whole of the electric impulses along the nerve. It appears completely logical that environmental electromagnetic fields in the broad sense, or the electrification of the body such as she is explained in this book, can disturb and parasitize these motorways of communication. it is what the clinic exam shows us when one examines of the cases of fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia and natural treatment: Déparasiter for simply better going !

These observations are a good news. I discovered that there do not exist “lost” patients fibromyalgic. All the fibromyalgiques ones that I received – I say all well – proved during my tests being of “electromyalgic”, i.e. électrosensibles (or chimiosensibles) and intolerant without their knowledge with the electromagnetic signal of a substance. I do not know if it will be advisable to replace, in the medical matter, the term “fibromyalgia” by “électromyalgie”. What I know, it is that I never saw patients presenting such symptoms which are not, in the moment, felt released, partially or completely of their sufferings when they were deparasities. I.e. once relieved of the matters which were incompatible for them, that they act of dental reconstitutions or other substances tested pathogenic. Regularly, this déparasitage is enough to relieve in a very significant way, sometimes completely and definitively, the patient. When it is not the case, it will then be accompanied by a gluten-free mode nor dairy products, with identical of that suggested by professor Jean Seignalet in his book “the food, the third medicine “. The experiment proves indeed that the only fact of thus modifying its food brings a very significant improvement of the symptoms in this kind of disease. One can thus really speak about a natural treatment of the fibromyalgia !

Three dairy products per day: royal roads towards the chronic disease!

“To force-feed of dairy products, it is thus to force-feed of growth hormones unsuited at our organization. It is not a chance if the new treatments in cancerology pass by therapies targeted on tumoral fabric, of anti-angiogéniques, in other words anti-factors of growth. For calcium, the dairy products bring three times from there to us too much. Knowing that calcium is absorbed only to 35% by our metabolism, the rest will calcify our skeleton, our articulations, will irritate our colon. With osteoarthritides, autoimmune diseases and cancers with the key. While transforming genetically and polluting our wheat, the intensive farming exposed us to dangers which do not cease growing. Are you always swollen, you have gases, a bad excretion? Are you rather often tired? Perhaps you suffer from the cœliaque disease. ” Professeur Henri Joyeux (professor of the universities, cancerology and digestive surgery)

The Seignalet mode in short

It seems of good sense that the modern food, with many chemical components, has its share of responsibility in the pathologies marked by the intolerance, of which been part the fibromyalgia. With the removal of the gluten, wheat, bread, pastes, Viennese pastries, but also rye, barley, kamut, oats, milk and dairy products (soft yoghurts, cheeses), leavens (including with new soft yoghurts and cheeses), but also produced fermented (vinegars in any kind) and of yeasts, one will witness a reduction in the pains. The removal of sugar in all its forms, of the fats, margarine and butter will supplement for most courageous and the most justified this mode.

Déparasiter initially consists in determining which matters stops some being used to look after certain teeth are responsible for tensions and increase in the muscular spasticity at the examined subject. It is thus a question at the beginning of making a diagnosis, because all the matters in mouth are not responsible. Only the incompatible matters will be then to withdraw.

And afterwards?

After, according to the cases, to have removed a crown, a composite, or an amalgam, I immediately put my patient against one of the walls of my cabinet, there even where a few minutes before I had practised the postural tests which highlighted blockings of the articular movements. I remake the same operations then. It is in general a heartfelt cry, surprise, of astonishment, but also of joy, which escapes then from their mouth. For people in an extreme state of suffering, incompetents to carry out a normal life because of the fibromyalgia for sometimes ten years or more, it has been a shock. To note that in a few minutes, after a gesture pain-killer like the east that to withdraw a crown for example, they can feel and note objectively that something has just occurred is emotionally strong. The hope, that they had lost, reappears.

Often, they tell me “it is necessary that is known”, and I answer them yes “, it is necessary that is known”. But I know that will be difficult so much the inertia of the medical world is large. The medical hierarchy always reacts with many rigidities to what does not come from it. Information innovative, unexpected, disturbs mental diagrams, runs up against the practices, the allowed beliefs, disturbs mental creatures of habit and comfortable diagrams. When the new idea arrives, one resists to him, one is unaware of it, it remains driven back. Garaged with later or, in the worst case, forever.

Let us continue. The life of a person suffering from fibromyalgia is not completed with its déparasitage. The problem arises then replacement of responsible dental materials. The dentists have a large range of choice, and there exist hundreds of materials being used to make the same things. Some are appropriate, others not. To know if a material is appropriate, it should be tested. Certain techniques of postural tests make it possible to know if a material held in hand for example gives or not tensions, i.e. to know if it is neutral or not. One tests actually the electromagnetic compatibility of a material with the oscillatory system of the patient. The people reached of fibromyalgia also must, and imperatively (see the chapter on the factors of susceptibility to the waves) to apply the advices of general hygiene which we develop in this work. To be wary in particular of their vestimentary environment, the jewelry, the glasses, the cosmetics and their bedding. And of course “to always put itself at the ground” as often as possible, and during their sleep !

It also should be known that the concept of biocompatibility such as that put ahead by the commercial ones does not have for me not much direction, in any case with regard to dental materials. Electromagnetic compatibility should not be last under silence. A matter can be compatible for you, but not for your brother or your sister ! They are individual susceptibilities, as for the allergies. The concept of ahead put biocompatibility is often more one selling point, of communication, marketing that a reality. Materials like titanium or zirconia have with my direction a reputation of usurped biocompatibility. This last is even seldom compatible. There is only the test which, gives him an answer taking account of the individual susceptibility of an organization with vibratory information.