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Dr Gérard DIEUZAIDE Hyper Sensibilité Électromagnétique - Soins Conseils et Formations

Témoignage Marace

22 janvier 2019

I had a consultation with Dr Dieuzaide recently. He corrected my occlusion by removing a tiny amount from my bottom front teeth. He said to me when he was checking the occusion: You don’t sleep well. I was surprised but had to agree, for years I haven’t slept well and often feel tired during the day. Since then – 10 days ago – I still have some difficulty in falling asleep but when I sleep, I sleep well. I no longer feel tired during the day and am able to do much more than I could even a week ago. I used to feel unbalanced and what I called ‘wobbly' walking but no longer. I am living a new life.