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Installation of a clinical study in partnership with Dr. Dieuzaide on the long-term consequences of the electromagnetic decontamination in mouth in the case of fibromyalgia pain

1 May 2017

For more than 10 years maintaining Dr. Gérard DIEUZAIDE has proposed a natural treatment of the fibromyalgia to improve comfort of life in this affection, an electromagnetic déparasitage, i.e. d’enlever certain materials incompatible in the oral sphere and to replace them by compatible materials from an electromagnetic point of view.

We wish today to study the effectiveness of this treatment on the long run. Our study consists in observing the evolution of the symptoms of patients the treated according to the concepts of Dr. Gérard DIEUZAIDE after 1,3,6 and 12 months. It is not about an experimental treatment. Dr. DIEUZAIDE proposes this treatment all his patients suffering from fibromyalgia when that is necessary, that they take part or not under investigation.

Hundreds of testimonies go in the direction of a strong improvement of health following these déparasitages. You will be treated in the same way and with the same regards that you or not agree to take part in this study. You will not personally may find it beneficial any to take part in it, but your participation could carry out to develop the scientific knowledge in this affection and with better treating the patients in the future. Work in mouth could be carried out by the dentist chosen by the patient, provided that the indications of treatment emitted by Doctor Dieuzaide are rigorously respected.
So that the data concerning to you is usable in this study, it is important to answer the questions within the limits which are fixed by the questionnaire. An answer beyond these limits would return the whole of the unusable questionnaire.

The people interested by this study will receive the necessary information to take part in it. Request for information on the clinical study

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