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Installation of a clinical study in partnership with Dr. Dieuzaide on the long-term consequences of the electromagnetic decontamination in mouth in the case of fibromyalgia pain

1 May 2017 |  , ,


For more than 10 years maintaining Dr. Gérard DIEUZAIDE has proposed a natural treatment of the fibromyalgia to improve comfort of life in this affection, an electromagnetic déparasitage, i.e. d'enlever certain materials incompatible in the oral sphere and to replace them by compatible materials from an electromagnetic point of view. We...

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The Télématin emission speaks about the meters communicating and their impacts on health

11 January 2017 |  

émission télématin sur les compteurs communiquants et les dangers des ondes électromagnétiques

In its emission of January 9th, 2017 William Leymergie speaks about the communicating meters and the dangers related to the electromagnetic waves which they emit permanently. At the end of the sequence on the meters the journalists recall well that the medical agencies concluded with a weak probability of dangers, and...

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The truth on the new communicating meters : the book of Clotilde Duroux

6 November 2016 |  ,

” The truth on the new communicating meters “  The book of Clotilde Duroux (Author), and Prefaces of Doctor Gérard Dieuzaide (Ci below) Appeared in October 2016 Test (stitched)   To buy the book These last tens of years saw following one another one very a large number of medical scandals of...

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Some scientifics start to wonder about the electromagnetic incompatibilities

14 February 2016 |  0 comment |  ,


” The auto--immunizing syndrome/inflammatory armature by additives (ASIA) “  Finally enquiring doctors start to understand what I have explained for 10 years with a deaf medical world! What professor Dominique Belpomme very calls “electrosensibility” (HES) or “multi chemotherapy sensitivity (MCS) could, actually, be in connections only with the environmental waves. Or...

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Conference recognition electrosensibility the 2/11/2016 at the National Assembly of Paris

18 January 2016 |  


Doctor Gérard Dieuzaide will be present at this conference for the recognition of the electrosensibility. Michele RIVASI and Laurence ABEILLE organize on Thursday, February 11, 2016 a Conference “For the recognition of the electro over-sensitiveness” at the National Assembly in Paris. In a context where for the first time a court...

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Testimony of Véronique Jannot in connection with work of Dr. Dieuzaide

11 January 2016 |  

Véronique Jannot

” With the Wire of the Other “, the book of Véronique Jannot. Always pressed by this time that one cannot take any more nor sometimes to give, we also undergo multiple, environmental and psychological pollution, which weakens our health as much as our moral. It is urgent to react, and...

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Are the communicating meters installed in our houses without danger to our health ?

9 November 2015 |  0 comment |  ,

compteur linky

Linky, the electric meter “communicating” of ERDF, will be gradually installed by the end of 2015 – and up to 2021 – in 90% of the hearths. Not less than 35 million hearths will be equipped with it. Consumers' associations worry on several level. Electrosensibility, data confidentiality, remote cut… Here the...

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Dr. Dieuzaide member of the jury Price of the scientific book

1 November 2015 |  

le Dr Dieuzaide membre du jury pour les livres scientifiques lors du X° SALON DU LIVRE

Dr. Dieuzaide was honoured to be member of the jury for the scientific books at the time of X° LIVING ROOM OF the placé BOOK under the aegis of the Academy of the floral games in Toulouse. This day it was the handing-over of the price of the novel, of the...

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Call : Justice grants electrosensible definitively, the handicap is recognized !

25 October 2015 |  ,


Official statement of the Monday, October 26, 2015 The call of the MDPH (Département house of the Handicapped People) against the judgement of the Court of the Dispute of the incapacity of Toulouse of July 2015 acknowledging the right to an allowance for the handicap “of electrosensibility” has just been rejected....

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NEW: First recognition of a handicap due to the electrosensibility in France !

12 October 2015 |  0 comment |  ,

It is a first: French justice recognized the existence of a serious handicap due to over-sensitiveness with the electromagnetic waves. It is what announced Tuesday, August 25 the association Robin of the roofs, which militates for the public health in wireless technologies. This decision represents “a great step ahead for the...

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Translation of the book “DISEASES OF the WAVES” in Spanish language

28 September 2015 |  


DISEASES OF THE WAVES The last book of Gérard Dieuzaide is available in Spanish version.

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Release of the film “LES SACRIFIES DES ONDES”

25 June 2015 |  

Exit June 25th in Paris documentary film of the feature film “sacrificed waves”, an investigation of Maxence Layet. With the participation of: Pr Dominique Belpomme, Dr. Jean-Paul Biberian, Dr. Gérard Dieuzaide, Main Richard Forget, Dr. Philippe Lebar, Pr Luc Montagnier, Dr. Annie Sasco, Dr. Pierre Souvet. A film of Jean-Yves Bilien...

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