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Occlusodontie and nutrition

An individual reached of deficiency postural to evil to be held it upright is a fact. The anti-gravitating and different muscular chains are not well any more synchronized. He spends a considerable energy to be held of balance. Results : the muscles are tired abnormally quickly, do not recover, and block themselves of lactic acid and residues of the metabolism. The tissue acidification progresses, and a acido-basic imbalance is announced with all its fatal consequences. there exist several levers of actions :

  • The nutrition which allows when it is targeted to counter this acido-basic imbalance and allows a drainage of waste of the metabolism.

  • The occlusodontie which will restore a good function within all the components of our device manducator, the mouth.

Vis-a-vis a problem occlusal, one generally admits a dento-dental or articular origin. Indeed L ' device manducator has inter alia as functions, the chewing, swallowing, phonation and breathing. It is the anatomical model.

The Temporo-Mandibulaire articulation adapts to tensions coming from part of the coprs, the foot, the back, or a scar on the neck. And considering that certain matters in mouth cause tonic tensions on the level as of muscles of the chewing, an assessment of occluso-electrosensiblity must be carried out to identify them and take into account the globality of the patient and his tensions. It is the electro-anatomical model.

To carry out a good assessment of occlusodontie it is necessary to take all these elements into account.