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Dr Gérard DIEUZAIDE Hyper Sensibilité Électromagnétique - Soins Conseils et Formations


Doctor Gérard Dieuzaide consults Monday to Friday on go. He practises assessments on people presenting the symptoms which are described in the Home page

As a posturologist it is interested more particularly in the dental entry occlusale, person in charge of many postural disorders. It is interested more particularly in the problems of the electrosensibility, in particular through the antenna effect and the vibratory echo of certain materials located on our teeth. During this very specialized consultation, the various dental reconstitutions located in mouth are tested to know their compatibility or magnetic electro incompatibility with the patient. The practised tests are primarily tests of amplitude of the very spectacular articular movements and which do not leave any doubt about the toxicity of accused materials. In the second time, different standard from materials being able to be used to replace those which are not appropriate are tested.

The patient sets out again with a document indicating the teeth concerned with these problems, and on which the name of compatible materials is indicated.

The patient can then go in his dentist general practitioner so that this one carries the work according to the indications of Doctor Dieuzaide.
Lastly, the electro environmental sensitivity is evaluated by various methods, and of the advices of life and protection are recommended.
Doctor Dieuzaide does not make a traditional dental care any more. He intervenes only in certain very particular case, as for example to remove the amalgams when those are responsible for disorders of health and with an extremely strict protocol to avoid a mercurielle contamination. Other acts can be practised at the request of the patient and in quite precise cases.

The price for a magnetic electro incompatibilities and dental occlusion check-up  is 100 €. The extraction of the amalgams is not refundable, and depends on the situation and the size of this reconstitution. The other rates depend on the nature of required work.