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Le samedi 6 octobre 2018, dans le cadre historique somptueux de l'hotel d'Assézat, le  docteur Gérard Dieuzaide à reçu lors du salon du  livre sous l'égide de l'académie des jeux floraux " le prix du livre scientifique" pour son dernier livre "Et si ça venait des dents "(Ed. Dangles). Juste récompense pour un ouvrage remarquable et passionnant pour toute personne s'intéressant à la santé.

 A cette occasion lui a été également attribué le  diplôme d'honneur de la ville de Toulouse par monsieur le maire de Toulouse , Jean Luc  Moudenc.

Les progrès de la médecine concernant la santé bucco-dentaire n'ont  cessé de progresser  depuis des décennies. Grâce à l'ingéniosité des chercheurs, des techniques et de nouvelles approches ont permis de mieux soigner nos dents quand elle sont malades et de les remplacer plus élégamment quand elles sont absentes. Mais ces  techniques sophistiquées présentent  un revers de la médaille. La bouche de nos concitoyens présente souvent  une véritable mosaïque de divers produits chimiques et métalliques. Ce qui n’est pas toujours sans conséquence. On parle de plus en plus de l’effet des pollutions environnementales sur notre santé, mais notre plus proche environnement n'est-il pas nous-même ? C'est à ce titre que la sphère buccale, au sens large, doit être prise en compte, notamment par le monde médical pour qui la bouche est une « terra incognita ».

Qui a compris que des douleurs articulaires ou musculaires, des troubles du sommeil, des maux de tête, des vertiges, des palpitations, mais aussi la fatigue chronique ou la fibromyalgie ont très souvent une origine venant de la bouche et des dents ?

The site of Dr. Gérard Dieuzaide is intended for Electrosensitivity peopleor Electromagnetic Sensitivity peoples, and for the victims of pathologies badly classified in our health care system.

Cervicals pains, lumbagos, headaches, fibromyalgia, diffuse muscular pains multiple, giddinesses, chronic tiredness, palpitations, bad sleep, feeling of exhaustion, oculars pains, are often in relation with an Electrosensitivity problem caused by multiples sources of EMFs (Electro Magnetic Fields) in our environment potentiated by the echo of some amalgams fillings or implants materials in mouth. We will speak about radio antenna effect.

These disorders are frequently multi factorial. The heavy metals intoxications, or cold infections (Lyme and others) are sometimes some cofactors, in variable proportions, of the symptoms previously quoted. But the track of the electromagnetic incompatibilities in mouth and the electrosensivility is largely dominant and can be putted in obviousness by spectacular tests which do not leave any doubt about the causes of these pathologies. It is pre-necessary essential who makes possible to diagnose a new diagnosis with any other medical approach.  We don't have  anymore right to ignore today this reality. To deny, to say “I do not believe in it” is a light behavior, to don't say irresponsible, which finds its base in a scientistic formatting which does not have anything scientist. Too many people suffer from disorders of electrosensivility so that we can sweep an established fact with a reverse of irresponsible and arrogant hand.

The occluso-electrosensivility check-up and the postural tests carried out by Gerard Dieuzaide show with evidence the impact of this reality on an organization, and thus to connect the invisible to the visible.

You will find on this website some informations, articles and videos on this plague which touches most of the population.

For Gérard Dieuzaide we all are Electrosensitives. Certain matters in mouth take delivery of the environmental electromagnetic fogs and return a photonic echo responsible for many health problems, in particular of muscular tensions reflexes. It thus accumulated the obvious and spectacular evidence, of the vibratory iatrogenic power of certain matters on certain patients' clinically above suspicion. As for the allergies, we are very unequal as for our reactions opposite these phenomena, which can be unimportant like dramatic.

Any matter emits an electromagnetic signal. This well-known photonic emission of the physicists is raised in an environment charged in EMFs. Its characteristics, wavelength, frequency, energy, depend on the transmitting matter.

When the frequencies emitted by a matter are incompatible with our own oscillatory system, they become harmful for our health and that more especially as they are permanent since many years. It creates for itself tensions then, cramp reflexes, wich is the beginning of a injurious domino effect. These harmfuls electromagnetic informations can come from matters in mouth as the amalgams fillingd, the resins, ceramics, the screws, metals implants, but one can extend that to the jewelry, piercings, coils, mountings of glasses, lenses or the matters of clothing which one wears (mainly the synthetic ones).

Magnetic electro incompativility and dental occlusion check-up
The magnetic electro incompativility check-up in mouth makes it possible to highlight electromagnetic compativility between vibratory information, often a dental reconstitution and the oscillatory system of an organization. The answer given by the body to information is an answer of nature, in opposition to that of the culture or marketing. The body does not lie. This protocol was developed by Dr. Dieuzaide.

This check-up informs on the capacity of an organization to live with a certain matter posed on him or in him according to its own vibratory susceptibility. This answer takes into account the aspect energy, vibratory, but also the physicochemical aspect.

That which does not watch for the unexpected one will not never know the truth

Le dr Dieuzaide fait un test postural avec un patient fibromyalgique

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Installation of a clinical study in partnership with Dr. Dieuzaide on the long-term consequences of the electromagnetic decontamination in mouth in the case of fibromyalgia pain

1 May 2017 |  , ,

Installation of a clinical study in partnership with Dr. Dieuzaide on the long-term consequences of the electromagnetic decontamination in mouth in the case of fibromyalgia pain

For more than 10 years maintaining Dr. Gérard DIEUZAIDE has proposed a natural treatment of the fibromyalgia to improve comfort of life in this affection, an electromagnetic déparasitage, i.e. d'enlever certain materials incompatible in the oral sphere and to replace them by compatible materials from an electromagnetic point of view. We wish today to study the effectiveness of this treatment on the long run. Our study consists in observing the evolution of the symptoms of patients the treated according to the concepts of Dr. Gérard DIEUZAIDE after 1,3,6 and 12 months. It is not about an experimental treatment. Dr. DIEUZAIDE proposes...

The Télématin emission speaks about the meters communicating and their impacts on health

11 January 2017 |  

The Télématin emission speaks about the meters communicating and their impacts on health

In its emission of January 9th, 2017 William Leymergie speaks about the communicating meters and the dangers related to the electromagnetic waves which they emit permanently. At the end of the sequence on the meters the journalists recall well that the medical agencies concluded with a weak probability of dangers, and that they are quite real for the électrosensibles people. Health – Meters under monitoring The Book of Clotilde Duroux, prefaced by Doctor Gérard Dieuzaide, is presented in bottom of the page

The truth on the new communicating meters : the book of Clotilde Duroux

6 November 2016 |  ,

The truth on the new communicating meters : the book of Clotilde Duroux

” The truth on the new communicating meters “  The book of Clotilde Duroux (Author), and Prefaces of Doctor Gérard Dieuzaide (Ci below) Appeared in October 2016 Test (stitched)   To buy the book These last tens of years saw following one another one very a large number of medical scandals of any nature. It was in the Sixties that one started to understand that the distilbene, a hormone of synthesis was responsible for serious malformations in the children whose mothers had been treated. It is only in 1977 that France will withdraw it market. Hundreds of children were victims In 1991...

Some scientifics start to wonder about the electromagnetic incompatibilities

14 February 2016 |  0 comment |  ,

Some scientifics start to wonder about the electromagnetic incompatibilities

” The auto--immunizing syndrome/inflammatory armature by additives (ASIA) “  Finally enquiring doctors start to understand what I have explained for 10 years with a deaf medical world! What professor Dominique Belpomme very calls “electrosensibility” (HES) or “multi chemotherapy sensitivity (MCS) could, actually, be in connections only with the environmental waves. Or at the very least that the waves would be only one cofactor with the noxious effect of the electromagnetic incompatibilities with certain materials, metal or not, often located in mouth!  The proof is that on these patients coming to consult me and having been diagnosed HES or MCS, the fact...

Conference recognition electrosensibility the 2/11/2016 at the National Assembly of Paris

18 January 2016 |  

Conference recognition electrosensibility the 2/11/2016 at the National Assembly of Paris

Doctor Gérard Dieuzaide will be present at this conference for the recognition of the electrosensibility. Michele RIVASI and Laurence ABEILLE organize on Thursday, February 11, 2016 a Conference “For the recognition of the electro over-sensitiveness” at the National Assembly in Paris. In a context where for the first time a court recognizes the handicap of with electromagnetic over-sensitiveness, where the villages in “white area” by the antennas relay and where the 5G starts to be tested in certain cities, it will be covered is more than ever time to give the subject on the table. At the time of this conference,...

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Release from these parasitic matters

27 April 2017

Release from these parasitic matters


This book speaks to us about the electrosensibility to the matters. Dr. Dieuzaide showed that in the presence of an electromagnetic incompatibility due to a polluting substance (eyeglass frame, lenses, dental composite, dental prostheses, synthetic amalgams, coil, jewelry or matters), the operation of the organization can be disturbed, with an increase in the tonic muscular spasticity. That involves a notorious loss of energy, muscular or articular pains of fibromyalgic type and by domino effect much more still.

He explains us why it is essential to learn how to test: one cannot pose today any more in or on the human body a matter, whatever it is without to have checked its magnetic electro compatibility with the oscillatory system of the receiver. A method of simple and original test is developed in this illustrated work accompanied by a DVD.

A handy guide to detect, only or in family, her electrosensibility with the matters which parasitize you.

Tests simple to realize, a approach easy to follow, step by step, thanks to the technique illustrated by many photographs and the DVD.

An effective method validated by high level sportsmen.


Diseases of the Waves, how to be preserved

27 April 2017

Diseases of the Waves, how to be preserved


Fibromyalgia, chronic tiredness, multiple headaches, cervicalgie, pains, problems of concentration, giddinesses, sleep disorders, feeling of oppression, disorders of heart rate, disorders neurodegenerative, orphan depressions, diseases… These diseases, increasingly frequent, waste the life of hundreds of thousands of our fellow-citizens. 1800 scientific publications highlight the effect of the electromagnetic waves on the human being and the animal world. It is not any more any doubt today that the electromagnetic “smog” of which we are wrapped, as the photonic effect of the matters which we carry (prostheses, clothing, etc), have heavy responsibility in a large number of these disorders for health. The operation of any living organism is electric and magnetic and necessarily interacts with its environment.

The wave orders with the particle, and consequently with chemistry. Gérard Dieuzaide identifies, in this at the same time practical work and very documented, the various sources of electromagnetic disturbances, their consequences on our health, and suggests concrete solutions to protect himself some effectively.

Doctor Gérard Dieuzaide is dental surgeon, university degree of posturology, honorary president founder of the “interdisciplinary Company of posturology Midi-Pyrenees” and chair of “the European Institute of posturology”, author of the book Release you from these parasitic matters at the Trédaniel Editions. He contributed to the documentary sacrificed waves of the director Jean-Yves Bilien.
Christian Bordes took part in the chapter “To tame the waves”. He is osteopath and kinesitherapist, director of the IUMAB (International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography), ex-charged with course at the university Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, independent researcher on electromagnetic compatibilities (CEM – Formation CRIIREM), scientific spokesperson of associations of scientific spokesperson of associations of victims of the waves, lecturer and trainer.


Foreword of professor Dominique Belpomme

Postface of professor Henri Joyeux

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