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To be an Electrosensive

une personne électrosensible en consultation avec le dr Dieuzaide“Am I électrosensive” that wants to say what?

The human body has an electric and magnetic reality and is consequently a system open to vibratory information. Thus, our body functions as a radio receiver which can “sizzle” when the waves which it receives are incoherent with its own oscillatory system. These waves can come from our environment, (Wifi, mobile phone, antenna relay, electric current, baby phon, meters Linky, etc…). But they can also come or are at the very least potentiated by matters which we have on us or in us, who they are metal or not. One will speak then about an antenna effect or an electromagnetic echo. This information undulatory, when they are permanent since years, and located inside our body, as in our mouth, can have unsuspected and serious consequences, even dramatic on our health.

Le docteur Dieuzaide fait un test de résistance musculaireIt is the postural tonic system which is the first touched by this polluting vibratory information. The incompatibility between certain electromagnetic vibrations and the body are the key of a domino effect which will be set up involving the patient in an injurious vicious circle.

That will involve symptoms like cervicalgies, pains with the trapezoids or lumbagos and frequently of the feelings of instability and giddinesses. The eyes also pay a heavy tribute with disorders of the oculomotricity.

The tensions on the cranial Osteo muscles and manducateurs involve a dental problem occlusal, with very night dental tightening and its consequences like the bruxism, the postural deficit, the bad sleep.

 The general state is always faded with a chronic feeling of tiredness, and a bad sleep. Very often, one notes the presence of tinnituses, ocular retro pains, headaches, swarming in the hands, or the arms, of the tendinitises

An electrosensible person has very often the feeling to have on it a nightshirt of tensions, to be imprisoned by an armour with feelings of suffocation and tachycardias.

Of course, the impact on health is variable according to individual susceptibility, the force of the incompatibility, and the time since which it appears. Different metal or another matter, will not cause the same disorders according to the people. That can go from a simple cervical embarrassment during the rotation of the head in the most benign cases until a paralysing impression with atrocious pain of standard fibromyalgia and of diminish violent or deforming.

Are you electrosensive? Will know that certain matters that you relate to you or in you (prostheses dental, composite, amalgams, coils, zippers, glasses, synthetic, etc.) are used as passive amplifier with ambient information and electromagnetic fogs (electric Wifi, telephony, systems). To remove will often bring to you in the second which follows a considerable greater comfort.

explication du dr dieuzaide sur les tests musculaire et une personne électrosensibleIf you put a drop of lemon on an alive oyster, you will see that it retracts, or that it contracts. It is the same thing for us. When we receive a harmful information, the hémicorps which accommodates it will contract, to tighten itself, thus creating a differential of tensions between the left hémicorps and the hémicorps right. These tensions are located from an anatomical point of view on the level of the postural tonic system, which is a system reflex.

In quantum medicine, one considers that the cells of our body communicate between them in a “radio-diffusive” way. Indeed, the life is not limited to chemical molecular reactions, but breaks up also into cubes mechanisms even more subtle. For quantum medicine, there exists an undulatory dialogue between the cells of our body which one can call quantum, informational, or undulatory communication. Great names of the science of biophysics assure us that the chemical reactions of our cells are under the dependence or at least influenced by this vibratory exchange.

Official publication of WHO in December 2005 :

“For some time, a certain number of individuals announce various health problems that they allot to their exposure to the electromagnetic fields. So some bring back benign symptoms and react while avoiding as much as they can it these fields, others are so seriously affected that they cease working and modify their lifestyle completely. This sensitivity supposed to the electromagnetic fields is generally called “electromagnetic over-sensitiveness” or HSEM. The reported symptoms are varied, without specific profile symptomatic, which means that they can be connected with others turbid or diseases. They are also symptoms frequently met in the general population. tiredness, lassitude, difficulties of concentration, dizzy spells, nauseas, palpitations cardiac and digestive disorders. This whole of symptoms is not part of any recognized syndrome. ”

To consult the original page on the HSEM on the site of WHO

Several authors analyzed the symptoms describing the electrosensive state:

  • Study of Hillert and al. (2002) [6], the symptom most frequently quoted is the tiredness, followed by dermatological problems to the face, feelings of cumbersome procedure in the head, irritation of the eyes, nose stopped or encumbered, headaches, difficulties of concentration, etc

  • Röösli and al. (2004) [7], as for them, describe in decreasing order of the tinnitus and pain, giddiness, headache, nervousness/distresses, tiredness, difficulty sleep disorders of concentration in the members

The incidence of electromagnetic endogenous pollution (that one can also call photonic emission of the matter), on the human body is too spectacular, too obvious, too repetitive so that one can not to it pay attention.



Any person should check the electromagnetic compatibility of a matter with her oscillatory system before “it is not posed on or in her body. To test the electromagnetic compatibility of a matter does not take that a few minutes! That is learned!

We all are electrosensives, a little, much, passionately, with the madness. They are wasted million life, broken in the world.

To be electrosensive is not a fate. You can improve your comfort of life, find a normal life and very decrease all these problems of electrosensivility. One cannot easily modify his environment, we are encircled. But one can get rid of the materials which we have on us to be less receptive. If you cut the antenna of a radio station you will hear the music less better!