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Dr Gérard DIEUZAIDE Hyper Sensibilité Électromagnétique - Soins Conseils et Formations

Release from these parasitic matters

This book speaks to us about the electrosensibility to the matters. Dr. Dieuzaide showed that in the presence of an electromagnetic incompatibility due to a polluting substance (eyeglass frame, lenses, dental composite, dental prostheses, synthetic amalgams, coil, jewelry or matters), the operation of the organization can be disturbed, with an increase in the tonic muscular spasticity. That involves a notorious loss of energy, muscular or articular pains of fibromyalgic type and by domino effect much more still.

He explains us why it is essential to learn how to test: one cannot pose today any more in or on the human body a matter, whatever it is without to have checked its magnetic electro compatibility with the oscillatory system of the receiver. A method of simple and original test is developed in this illustrated work accompanied by a DVD.

A handy guide to detect, only or in family, her electrosensibility with the matters which parasitize you.

Tests simple to realize, a approach easy to follow, step by step, thanks to the technique illustrated by many photographs and the DVD.

An effective method validated by high level sportsmen.