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Call : Justice grants electrosensible definitively, the handicap is recognized !

25 October 2015


Official statement of the Monday, October 26, 2015

The call of the MDPH (Département house of the Handicapped People) against the judgement of the Court of the Dispute of the incapacity of Toulouse of July 2015 acknowledging the right to an allowance for the handicap “of electrosensibility” has just been rejected.

The judgement which mentions “Syndrome of very sensitivity to the electromagnetic waves” specifying “the description of the irrefutable clinical signs” and the functional deficiency of the plaintiff Marine Richard estimated at 85% is definitively confirmed!
An allowance for handicapped adult of 800€ per month is thus allotted to him by decision of the courts for three years renewable according to the evolution of its handicap.

Marine Richard recently published “Without Mobile” with the editions “the Public garden”. It was journalist, poet and dramatic auteure; it was twice preceded by the National centre of the Theatre.
Reached over-sensitiveness with the electromagnetic waves since 2010, it had to give up any social activity and lives withdrawn safe from artificial electromagnetic fields in the mountains from the Ariège.

Marine Richard was represented in his dispute by Me Alice Terrasse.

According to Etienne Cendrier spokesperson of Robin of the Roofs: “Justice Française recognizes the electrosensibility like a handicap! It is first not only in France but in Europe. This judgement opens up the way for a jurisprudence in favour of the electrosensibility except, if the public authorities implement – finally! – true policies of reduction of the general exposure to the waves of technologies of the wireless telegraphy.
In these times when the COP 21 seeks to preserve the environment against the adverse effects of the human activity, it is time to become aware that the électrosensibles ones are victims of the waves produced by telecommunications industry wireless telegraphy – that we use all – and that, for lack of true regulation our health with all is threatened. “

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