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NEW: First recognition of a handicap due to the electrosensibility in France !

12 October 2015

It is a first: French justice recognized the existence of a serious handicap due to over-sensitiveness with the electromagnetic waves. It is what announced Tuesday, August 25 the association Robin of the roofs, which militates for the public health in wireless technologies. This decision represents “a great step ahead for the recognition of this syndrome of electro-over-sensitiveness”, was delighted its spokesperson, Etienne Cendrier.

A recent judgement of the court of the dispute of the incapacity of Toulouse thus recognizes, after medical expertise, that the plaintiff, Marine Richard, suffers from the syndrome of over-sensitiveness to the electromagnetic waves, of which the “description of the clinical signs is irrefutable”.
In this judgement, it is estimated that its functional deficiency is of 85% “with substantial and durable restriction for the job access”. Justice consequently grants to him the right to an allowance for handicapped adult for three years, possibly renewable, in the form of technical assistance and of installation of its housing.

No official recognition in France

Mrs. Richard, 39 years, had deposited a recourse in April 2014 against a decision of the commission of the rights and autonomy of the people in situation of handicap of Ariège. This old journalist lives there recluse in the mountains because of his disorders, which last since 2010.
Over-sensitiveness with the magnetic waves is not recognized officially in France like a disease and is the object of controversies between experts. It results in headaches, tinglings, sleep disorders, various, transitory symptoms and commun runs with many other affections. Those which are declared “hypersensitive” often quote the antenna-relays, the portables, the cordless phones or Wi-Fi like immediate causes their evils.
For the first time, a suffering man of electrosensibility had seen himself granting a financial aid in 2014 for his pathology by the département house of the handicapped people of the Essonne. But it was about an out-of-court settlement with this specialized administration.

Possible jurisprudence

Etienne Cendrier hopes that the judgement of Toulouse makes jurisprudence. “Often justice is more human than the policies, which protect the industrialists”, he estimated. A law of January does not expect that one report at the beginning of 2016 on over-sensitiveness with the electromagnetic waves, added the spokesperson of Robin of the roofs.
The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized in 2005 that the electrosensibility “was characterized by various nonspecific symptoms which differ from one individual to another” but which “has an unquestionable reality and can be of very variable gravity”. There exist however neither clear diagnostic criteria for this medical problem, nor bases scientific making it possible to connect the symptoms to an exposure to the electromagnetic fields, added the authors of the study of WHO.

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