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Electrification and earthing of the body

19 August 2014

The whole of the magnetic fields and electric to which we are subjected involve an electrification of our bodies. For a long time, the effects possible of the weak electric fields and magnetic on health remained unknown. It had to be waited until the geobiology, the bioelectromagnetism and electrophysiology draw attention to the causes and effect relations so that these problems are better known. The problems touching with our wellness and our health are often caused, beside other factors, by fields of our electrical communication which surround us constantly. It follows a constant electrification of our organizations. An accumulation of electric charges responsible for various and varied symptoms. All the functions of our body are ordered by small low frequency electric impulses. We are made up to 70% of water and consequently we behave like a formidable electric driver. The balance of the electromagnetic communication systems of our organizations, which one could call electromagnetic homeostasis, once disturbed, induced a modification

Diseases of the waves natural biological processes.

That involves a stress for the corpset the spirit. Number among us, installed hours lasting in front of a computer, feel discomforts without in being of them fully electro-conscious! I advise with all my patients called upon to work by need on this kind of devices, and those subjected to all these forms of electric and magnetic pollution, to put itself at the ground. The benefits “to put itself at the ground” In the high level sport, certain athletes, of the teams, have a technique of completely original recovery.
As often, the Americans are at the origin of this innovation. For a better recovery, they encourage their sportsmen to be put “at the ground”. This technique consists in planting a metal stake in the ground and connecting it by a main idea to the sportsmen during their sleep, but also to their bed. They can also quite simply connect them to the mural earth electrode when this one exists and is functional. Thus put at the ground, these athletes have a better sleep, plus recuperator, suffer less their diminish and their wounds. Their performances are increased.

Alarm with the electric danger of Doctor Maschi

In the middle of the years 1960, a general doctor of Nice, Doctor Jean-Pierre Maschi, engaged in the problems of the electrification of the human body. That was worth to him, after various lawsuits with fantastic unfolding, to be striped council about the doctors. Amnestied by president François Mitterrand, then rehabilitated by Jacques Chirac with the years 2000, Doctor Maschi is a pionnier of the denunciation of the perverse effects of electromagnetic pollution, in particular electric. He left the principle that this “electrification “of the human body with which we are confronted involves slow and progressive electrocution of our organizations. That had, according to him, a considerable importance in certain rheumatic, cardiac or neurological affections.
Its analysis led it, consequently, to say that the multiple sclerosis originated in these electric problems. From where its vexations with the council about the doctors. Its arguments, founded on the clinical observation, are plausible. The multiple sclerosis is indeed much more common for example in the Scandinavian countries, Finland and Sweden, that in the countries of the South. It almost does not exist in the Maghreb countries and Africa. For Doctor Maschi, that was explained by clothing. By the fact that in the cold countries, one wears much more synthetic clothing
(static source of electricity) to protect itself from the rigours of the climate that in the Maghreb. Clothing over there is most of the time out of cotton or wool. In the same way in the north of Europe, the inhabitants carry extremely protective rubber shoes, style boots, which prevent them from being put at the ground. Rubber the insulator of the ground. Thus, they cannot discharge from their electric tension.
On the contrary in the countries of the South, like the Maghreb, the inhabitants have as a practice to walk barefeet, even as a Turkish slipper, and to sit down with same the ground. In this way they are permanently connected to the ground. To avoid the electric aggressions, Maschi invited its patients to take a certain number of advice of general hygiene. In particular to avoid wearing clothing and underwear out of synthetic matter, going barefeet as often as possible, and regularly taking showers or sea bathings. Finally it recommended – already forty years ago – to be put at the ground while being connected to the ground of a socket.

Many studies and tested show themselves that the body carries an electric charge and that there exists a body voltage. This one can be measured. This load increases in environments dry and charged in electromagnetic and electric fields emitted by cables and devices under tension. Moreover, much among us carry today rubber soles isolating to us from the ground. In the same way, the ground of our apartments is often not very conducting. It is the case of plywood, synthetic matter the stuck floors, out of vinyl, but it is the case also of certain ceramic tilings which rest on insulating matters.
The ground nourishes us constantly negatively charged particles and which are actually free electrons. These electrons reload our bodies of the same current of which our cells and bodies are helped to ensure a correct operation and to maintain to us in good health. The more we are with the ground, the better we go. The wetter the ground is, the more we are with the ground. Our body being made up mainly of water and being consequently an excellent driver. There exists in the trade of the devices which make it possible to measure this level of electrification of our organizations. It acts inter alia voltmeter (“Digitest”) which makes it possible to measure its own level of electric tension. This one is connected on the one hand to an earth electrode, on the other hand on the subject via a main idea which is held between two fingers. I can thus, for example, to measure the electric tension of my body. This one changes according to the place where I am located in my apartment, according to the power of the electric fields in which my body bathes. This used approach is astonishing, because one realizes how much certain places charge us in electricity, not to say overload. In the countryside, your body electric charge will be of 0 volt. But of return to the residence, that often climbs

My experiments of earthing

I thus could check by myself the effectiveness of this system. While I write these lines in front of my computer, I sat on a woven cushion of silver wires connected to an earth electrode. My level of electrification is around 0.5 volt. Without this cushion, I turn around the 2 volts. Under the same conditions, with an insufficient or defective earth electrode, the situation was of about ten volts! The cushion connected on an earth electrode brought back to me to 4 or 5 volts. One then understands the importance of the quality of the earth electrode, and the requirement to check the quality of his ground, by testing the wiring of each catch. Without that, electrode earth operational, useless to spend of the money to buy equipment of earthing. It should be noted that when one “is charged too much”, earthing with the systems of the trade is not enough to bring back to us to 0 volt. As if the flow of outgoing current could not absorb the entirety of the entering current. With my cabinet, when I put a patient in front of the field of a computer and that I practise certain tests, in particular that of the side raised arms, some of them present limitations of the amplitude of the articular movements. The more they remain in the presence of the field of the computer, the more they take care, plus this amplitude decreases. Sometimes, the électrosensibles ones are found with the arms in cross in the incapacity to assemble them higher. If I pass to them around ankle an electric wire which I connect to the ground of a catch, then they are released, their muscles slacken, and their arms pass to the vertical with a great facility. It is systematic and reproducible. The electromagnetic or electric field of a computer charges the body in electricity inducing with strong muscular tensions reflexes. Earthing discharges the body and involves a muscular relaxation consequently.

One can easily understand that we will have a much better sleep if we are in such a state of relaxation. That is true for everyone but I think that the électrosensibles ones and the very électrosensibles ones more than very others should apply earthing. Their sleep is often extremely disturbed, little recuperator. This is why I advise with all my patients to put myself at the ground, in particular to sleep. It is besides what I practise every night. I sleep on a “surmatelas” connected to an earth electrode so that my voltage in position sleep is null during the night. I find myself thus in the same situation of discharge as a camper sleeping with the very ground.
I also advise when one has a metal bed to put it at the ground. The night, one moves, one is turned over, and frictions on the feather bed, cloths, on the cover, induce static electricity. Thus, these are not only the body which takes care, but the whole of the bedding, like of course the bed itself, especially if this one is placed on a nonconducting coating. The feet of the bed are sometimes covered with small rubber heel-pieces, which should obviously be removed.

A good Earth electrode?

It is really essential to have at home good earth electrodes. For safety reasons, but also of daily health. The ground sons green or yellow and are installed close to the electric meter. They are connected to a ground stake by a cable. This one is inserted in the ground outside the building. Thus, in the event of problem, the current goes towards the ground instead of electrocuting somebody.
An earth electrode also makes it possible to evacuate the electric fields emitted by the metal carapaces of the devices under tension: electric cables, lighting, computers, television, etc

In a little old houses, not put at the standards, the catches are seldom operational with regard to the ground. There exists in the trade of the controllers of sockets in all the stores of do-it-yourself which will give you invaluable information. If financial means misses to you to make necessary works, one can connect oneself with a main idea to a metal stake deeply inserted in the ground. In the event of very dry ground,
the earth electrode functions badly. It is then necessary regularly to sprinkle the ground around the stake to improve conductivity. One can in the same way roll up a main idea around a water tap and “to connect” with the ground in this manner. These do-it-yourself make it possible to have a very conducting ground, therefore of excellent quality. Within the framework of an electric restoration, it should be known that one has the possibility of choosing armor-plated cables, sockets and cases, according to the principle of the Faraday screen room. Their special sheath channels and directs the fields towards the ground. In addition, it should be taken care that the electric meter is not installed on a separation between two parts of the house, but on a wall which gives on outside. Especially, let us remain lucid! The reflex of earthing, essential, is however not the miracle solution that certain advertisements or certain works let to us suppose for obvious commercial reasons. That remains a simple solution, basic could one say, to apply in environments very charged in electric fields, like old houses with the electric wiring of another century, or contrary in certain parts invaded to household appliances and devices multimedia.

 This turn of the owner, of our domestic environment, it is what I now invite to you to do.
Doctor Gérard Dieuzaide