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Testimony of Véronique Jannot in connection with work of Dr. Dieuzaide

11 January 2016

Véronique Jannot

” With the Wire of the Other “, the book of Véronique Jannot.

Always pressed by this time that one cannot take any more nor sometimes to give, we also undergo multiple, environmental and psychological pollution, which weakens our health as much as our moral. It is urgent to react, and it is possible! Throughout these pages, I will take you along To the Wire of the other, the meetings and the discoveries which proved to me that it is possible to live better, together and in good health. I saw forests re-appearing in turned into a desert countries, beings to save animals in the process of disappearance, of the farmers to successfully take again nonpolluting ancestral methods, and doctors who endeavour to avoid the diseases before having to look after them. Because “well porter’, that passes by connection with oneself, a certain discipline of life, and also of medicines or practical alternative, of which some are known still little and who can help a large number of between us.

This book is to be put at the bedside of your life. Consult it regularly: it is a patent of greater comfort. Unless you do not read it of a draft, because it is devoured like a novel.

Extracted the book: