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The truth on the new communicating meters : the book of Clotilde Duroux

6 November 2016

” The truth on the new communicating meters “  The book of Clotilde Duroux (Author), and Prefaces of Doctor Gérard Dieuzaide (Ci below)

Appeared in October 2016 Test (stitched)   To buy the book

These last tens of years saw following one another one very a large number of medical scandals of any nature.
It was in the Sixties that one started to understand that the distilbene, a hormone of synthesis was responsible for serious malformations in the children whose mothers had been treated. It is only in 1977 that France will withdraw it market. Hundreds of children were victims

In 1991 the scandal of contaminated blood burst. However by 1985 had been alerted. 5000 people were contaminated by the virus of the AIDS.

Even year, even scenario? In December 1991, it was around the growth hormone to come to the front from the scene, of suspect stocks were past in 1985 and 1986 in spite of the warning statements on possible infectious risks. 119 children died.

The business of the mad cow, it, starts in 1985 with an epizooty in the United Kingdom, which was propagated with several countries, infecting more than 190,000 animals. They are only in 1996 that it was moulted in medical crisis, with the discovery of a possible transmission of bovine spongiform encephalopathy to the man. The disease claimed some 200 human victims to date, a number which could increase because of one long period of incubation.

In 1986 it is the catastrophe of Tchernobyl. The government does not judge necessary to set up safety measures contrary to our German neighbor. Non-governmental organizations advance a figure of more than 500 000 deaths at our days.

Isoméride had an effect on the hunger… but also has on the lungs. In 1997, the Servier laboratories are constrained to withdraw market this drug anti-obesity taken by more 5 million French since 1985. Person in charge of case of arterial hypertension pulmonary even of anomalies of the cardiac valves, it would have caused the death of at least 40 people.

Always in 1997, asbestos is finally interdict in France. At the origin of approximately 35,000 deaths, a figure which could climb to 100,000 by 2025, this highly carcinogenic material was massively used by the workers out of building since the Second war. And this, in spite of its known dangerousness of the industrialists and the State. This one will be recognized as responsible besides for the death of contaminated people for the first time in 2000.

Finally we have all in memory the business of the médiator. The exact assessment of deaths ascribable to this drug is announced impossible to establish. On November 16th, 2010, Afssaps estimated at 500 the number of patients deceased and at 3,500 the number of hospitalizations, after a study relating to one short period. A study of the National institute of health and medical research (Inserm) and of the epidemiologist Agnès Fournier, bearing it over the period 1976-2009 (beginning and end of the marketing of Mediator) and published in February 2012, quantifies the assessment with 1,300 deaths and 3,100 hospitalizations,

The book of Clotilde Duroux announces to us and informs us on the next scandal. A plague which could fall down on the whole of the inhabitants of our planet. Our modern societies rest on a technological base transmitting frequencies electromagnetic of any nature, invisible, but increasingly present and complex, for which the mankind is not prepared. Already more than 3000 scientific publications made in universities distributed on all planet highlight the effect of the electromagnetic waves on the living matter. That it is on the plants, on the animals, but also on the men.
One cannot either sweep of a reverse of scornful and arrogant hand these tens, even these hundreds of thousands of people who see their life wasted or even ransacked by a charged electromagnetic environment, that it is that of portable telephony, that of the wi-fi, the high lines voltage, etc

The medical world is not informed. There remains deaf. One speaks to us about irrational fears of wireless technologies! Hoop nets psychosomatic! However the civil society starts to worry. The court of Toulouse in January 2016, to recognized a case of very electrosensibility and granted a revenue of disability to 85% to a victim of the waves. The court of Madrid in July 2016 with given a judgement in the same direction !

We today are encircled, invaded, by this toxic environment. And as if that were not enough one prepares, one started, to add an additional layer of vibratory nuisances which will relate to each one among us. They is the meters known as intelligent, which it is about Linky, imposed by EDF de Gaspar, imposed by GDF but also of the future water meter which will function according to the same principle.

Until now this information, this knowledge was booked with “waked up”. Some people of the medical world, the researchers, the scientists, defense associations of electro sensitive and of course the victims of the waves they-even. Because the misinformation reigns as a Master in most our media. Not by dishonesty, but because themselves victims of the merchants, were also disinformed. With final all is made so that the citizens do not understand what is arriving.
The book of Clotilde Duroux is interesting in more than one way. It approaches in a very argued way the various aspects of this new technology used in the intelligent meters. They is power line communications (CPL), transmitters of electromagnetic fields complex from which will not be able to escape us any more because acting inside even from our houses. Those which will have read this work will not be able to say “I did not know”.
It evokes there the disastrous consequences on all the levels, that it is on the scientific level, medical, social, ecological, legislative and even financier.  The reader thus receives all the information which will leave him the possibility of choosing, i.e. to be free.
If it is sensitive to the arguments of the author, it has at the end of the book the way to follow, very traced, to return in resistance. As did it all those which fought to denounce the whole of the medical scandals until today. And that which prepares could have a still unequalled scale.
Thank you with Clotilde for the formidable job which she has achieves.

Gérard Dieuzaide